Monday, April 22, 2013

My team won the first place in Belgium!

The second step of the "Super Hackathon" in Belgium ended on April 19... And my team won the competition! Congrats to my teammates: Benoit Jadinon, Giuliano Dore and Esteban Goffaux.

You can see here three screenshots of "Fit Beast":

There are still some missing functionalities but the app is now available on the belgian market (not other countries for the moment, more to come...)!

You can find our app here but we plan to remove it from my Microsoft account and put it on the Emakina account: the link will become unavailable.

Thanks to this first place, I will attend to TechEd Europe 2013 at madrid! I never attended to a so big Microsoft event except for the TechDays in Belgium and France and I am delighted to go there!

Thanks Microsoft for the free ticket and thanks to Emakina for the journey!

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