Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New project for the belgian market

Edit: To comply with the laws of Belgium, the site has been put offline (some exchanges were not legal and I do not want to be responsible of that).

Last week, I launched a new site dedicated to the Belgian market (and maybe I will be targeting other countries after...): ChequeChange

The site is prety simple and is dedicated to the exchange of meal/eco vouchers in Belgium: this is not a business that fascinates me but making this project will be useful for some people and has help me to improve my skills! (the code and the databases of my next projects will be better!)

The website has been realised with the following technologies:

- Entity Framework 5.x (but I still prefer using stored procedures that EF can map...)
- Windows Azure (2 small instances for the moment)
- MetricsHub (for monitoring and in case of automatic scale out needed... very good product!)
- SQL Azure
- Azure Storage
- Azure CDN
- Azure AppFabric Caching (thanks to MVC Donut Caching...)

The design is -almost- responsive and the site can be used on all the devices ;-)

This is my second experience with Windows Azure... I like this product! The SDK is excellent and up to date, the portal is well done and easy to use, the analytics are useful, performance are good, etc. A great product!

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